Welcome 2011, good bye 2010

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Yeahhhh, i'm gonna miss 2010. Many things I've been through. It could be happy, sad, hurt, happy, laughing, smiling, fall, etc..
2010 taught me many things. About sacrifice, happiness, friendship, real friends, the difference between friends, best friends or close friends.
Hypocritical, evil, stingy, good, yeahh, 2010 teach me about it. Tough, strong in the face of temptation, I am very thankful God is always with me in joy and sorrow, especially my parents, my boyfriend, my sisters, and all those who love me.
2011 will come soon, hopefully all goes well, good luck, good fortune, success, good jobs, and much more hope in 2011. Long live, always healthy, happy, always with people we love. Will I be sad or happy? days passed and the always increasing, the less chance of life, age diminishing, but growing experience, knowledge, friends, etc. will increase . whether I should be sad or happy to face this new year?
may god always be with us all, in 2011 we will be always happy, smiling, no severe trial, IPK and SKS increase etc.aminnnn
bismillahirohmairohim, 2011 please be nice with me, with us, with my Parents, with my family, my boyfriend, my best friend, and for those Who Love me and do not behave bad behind my back !!!!!!

towards the year 2011, bismillahirohmanirohim:)

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Personal Life


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i love you, because you love me the way i am
i love you, because you will always say, "okay, you win"
i love you, because you always try making me happy and smile
i love you, because you're so patient
i love you, because you're brave
i love you, because you have the courage to defend me
i love you, because you don't want me to look bad in front of others
i love you, because you always trust me though i lied to you
i love you, because you always forgive me
i love you, because you know what to do to make me smile
i love you, because even though we fight a lot, you still our relationship
i love you, because even though you know everything's impossible, you make it as if it's possible
i love you, because i enjoy every single second i'm with you
i love you, because you are willing to sacrifice your life for me
i love you, because you dare to die for me
i love you, because i'm created to
i love you, because you never stop loving me
i love you, when you are being talkative
i love you, when you smile
i love you, when you hug me
i love you, when you say everything's gonna be alright
i love you, when you say, "NO! YOU'RE THE PRETTIEST OF ALL"
i love you, when you want me to stay with you
i love you, when you tell me you need me beside you
i love you, when you tell me you can't live without me
i love you, when you say, "I LOVE YOU"
i love your eyes
i love your smile
i love your hair
i love your voice
i love your surprises
i love your scent
i love your style
i love your laugh
i love your way to express your feeling
i love the way you always want everything to be perfect for me
i love your romance
i love the way you speak
i love the way you look into my eyes
i love the way you hug me
i love the way you love me
i love the way you play soccer
i love the way i can't let you go
i love the way you say, "i need you"
i love the way you drive
i love the way you're attracted to me
i love the way he can't stop eating meat
i love everything about you
i love the way he eat
he loves blue
he loves soccer, futsal
he loves Adriano intersiti
he loves eat
he loves ME

all my loves have to be put on hold, until our next life.
so long, my love. my love will remain true. forever and ever, we'll always be in love.
we're meant to be, but not now.

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Hanging Out,

Red Red

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it's about red. so bold and so bright. What will happen if my background is red?

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Old Picture

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These two photos are my favorite photos.
for some reason I really like this photo. Perhaps because of the beautiful scenery and beautiful memories
The most beautiful thing is when I was is always with my mom. The one who I love.. Hopefully, this togetherness will continue eternally. hopefully:) God

went to Bali,Indonesian. when i was 2 years old

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Hanging Out


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Fashion and Girls


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it's about kebaya
Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made from thin material worn with a sarong, batik, or other traditional knitted garment such as songket with a colorful motif.

Believed kebaya originated from China [citation needed] hundreds of years ago. Then spread to Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. After acculturation that took place hundreds of years, the clothes received in the local culture and norms.
and this is my photo with my friends when we attended a farewell ceremony in 2008

 guess,which one me? short hair with short skirt

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dtac one D.I.Y.

11/23/2010 04:16:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

tried playing with one D.I.Y. DTAC , It's looks like fun, and this is the result of photos that reflect me

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My Presentations

Lutung Kasarung

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monkey is our theme in this drama, Ucok as a monkey, hahhahahhaahha, I could not stop laughing to see it, hahahah, do you want to see it too? okay, here's some photos of monkeys that made me laugh out loud

and this is some pictures that i took on the stage 

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My Presentations

preparation before the drama

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things that we did before the drama begin, made a property, makeup, wear kebaya etc....

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My Presentations

Drama Competiton LBPP-LIA CV4-1

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LBPP LIA helded a drama competition from various classes. There are several kinds of classes: intermediate, high intermediate, and convertation classes. And we came from 4-1 convertation class (CV 4-1) follow this competition with the title Lutung Kasarung.
Ucok as monkey Kasarung
Rahmat as Purbalarag
Lily as Purbasari
Kak Fatir as father and Purbasari purbalarang
Nike as a witch
Maulana as husband Purbalarang
kak Dali as a puppeteer
Me and mb Marsita as a makeup artist and documentation ahhaahhaah
and hopefully we'll won , because we always practice, making property, and super Tired
by following this drama, can enhance togetherness, unity, friendship, intimate, cohesiveness, and I am very happy to got friends like them, they  are seems like my brothers and sisters, and also Miss Asri our beloved teacher who always providing support and encouragement.


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Personal Life

New account twitter

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almost everyone surely addicted to the Internet, just as I felt, twitter almost become part of my life to share anything, it Could Be a problem, knowladge, story, etc, 
but wow! I do not know what happened with my first twitter. I was very surprised when I tried to sign in and it failed. Finally I had to make a second  twitter account. been since  As you know when May 2009 when I started this social networking.suddenly there is someone who deactived my twitter. And Also my facebook. But luckily I could still use facebook and be saved, Imagine what would happen if the hack facebookI finally decided to make my second twitter.follow me on twitter. @ Oktiaradwindah, lazy to start from scratch, but its okay, as long as facebook are safe,OK guys, please follow my new twitter, @ oktiaradwindaa
hopefully the hackers will feel the consequences, have a nice friday:)

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Personal Life

This is my new blog

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I am very upset and dissapointed when i can't sign up to my blog ! i was tried to sign in to my old blog many times, but it did't worked well ! forced to make the new one ! yeah this is my new blog . but i am still make it looks like same as my old blog ! you can view my old blog here oktiaradwindah. huuu, how can you imagine that i must re-write again one by one ! then start new chapter , new story on this new blog ! yess, i will try to enjoy with this new blog . cheer up :)

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Personal Life

My Pray

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Doa ku, Ya Tuhan ku Allah SWT, Terima kasih telah memberikan aku kesempatan untuk terus menikmati hidup ini, bertambahlah usia ku, 20 tahun merupakan angka dimana aku sudah mempunyai tanggung jawab yang besar, menjadi diriku sendiri, dewasa dalam melakukan apapun, dan bertanggung jawab belajar menjadi orang yang dewasa dan bukan anak anak lagi, bahagianya aku bisa menikmati hidupku yang menurutku begitu senang dan bahagianya, selalu dikelilingi keluarga tercinta, kekasih dan sahabat sahabat ku yang baik hati. Bisa merasakan bangku kuliah, menikmati hidup yang serba berkecukupan, Di hari ulang tahun ku ini ku ucapakan terimakasih yaAllah untuk semua ini, Untuk bahagia yang teramat luar biasa ini, Terutama kedua orang tua ku yang begitu mencintai ku, berikanlah ya Allah aku kesempatan untuk bisa hidup membahagiakan dan membanggakan mereka

Tuhan, kabulkan lah do'a ku
panjangkan lah umur ku, umur kedua orang tua ku, umur suami ku kelak , umur kakak adik ku, umur saudara-saudara ku, umur sahabat sahabat ku, umur orang orang yang baik kepada ku, umur kaum muslimin dan muslimat, umur orang" yang menyayangi ku, serta umur semua makhluk yang baik dibuka bumi ini. Berikanlah kami Rezeki mu yang tiada pernah terputus, nikmat mu yang paling luar biasa nikmatnya, kesuksesan dunia akhirat, sukses duniawi dalam pekerjaan, kehidupan, berumah tangga, berlingkungan dll, sukses dalam beribadah sepenuh hati dan menjadi penikmat syurga mu yaAllah.

Berikanlah aku pekerjaan yang baik dimasa depan nanti seketika aku lulus kuliah, pekerjaan yang halal yang begitu membanggakan aku, keluarga ku, sahabat,kekasih serta orang tua ku yang begitu ku cintai
Berikanlah kami kesehatan, selalu diberikan kesehatan agar bisa melakukan hal hal yang baik dimasa kami hidup.
Untuk masa depan ku berikalah kekasih hati dari pria pria terbaik yang engkau punya, semoga hubungan ku dengan orang yang paling ku cintai  akan berjalan lancar selancar ridho mu yaAllah
Masukkan lah kami kedalam syurga mu, syurga terindah, matikanlah kami dalam keadaan Husnul khatimah, berikanlah kami kebahagiaan, kesuksesan, tawa dan canda selalu ya Allah,

Terima kasih aku ucapakan kepada kedua orang tua ku yang telah 20 tahun ini membesarkan ku, mendidikku menjadi anak yang berguna, yang tentu membanggakan,
Tiada hal yang bisa membalas setiap jasa jasamu, kecuali usahaku untuk terus membalas dan membahagiakan mu

Terima kasih yaAllah , kabulkanlah do'a ku , semoga apa yang aku cita citakan bisa terkabul, aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ya robbal alamin :)

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