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11/19/2010 08:05:00 AM Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

almost everyone surely addicted to the Internet, just as I felt, twitter almost become part of my life to share anything, it Could Be a problem, knowladge, story, etc, 
but wow! I do not know what happened with my first twitter. I was very surprised when I tried to sign in and it failed. Finally I had to make a second  twitter account. been since  As you know when May 2009 when I started this social networking.suddenly there is someone who deactived my twitter. And Also my facebook. But luckily I could still use facebook and be saved, Imagine what would happen if the hack facebookI finally decided to make my second twitter.follow me on twitter. @ Oktiaradwindah, lazy to start from scratch, but its okay, as long as facebook are safe,OK guys, please follow my new twitter, @ oktiaradwindaa
hopefully the hackers will feel the consequences, have a nice friday:)

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