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Two is better than one

12/31/2010 09:12:00 AM Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I don't know the meaning of two is better than one , but i'm really love this song so much. i'v been playing this song almost 10 times per day, i felt comfortable and quite listening this song, Yeah it's BOYS LIKE A GIRLS - TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE, one of my favorite songs. This song tells of someone who had first met and fell in love, and also can't live without you, but it seems someone has let him down, made him drift away, and suddenly each of them already make them coming undone. So that's why the tittle is Two is Better than one. Yeah finally i understand , this song tell of dissapointment, yeahh, two is better than one
But hopefully, we are all still choose ONE IS BETTER THAN TWO :)

I guess Taylor Swift was too pretty to be in the video. haha(: .Taylor should be in it instead of that other girl

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