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Happy Birthday Dinda

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Follow her blog too :)

Happy Birthday my little sister
Wish god always bless you , long life, always healthy, smart, diligent, and your future goals achieved
Essentially, semua doa dan harapanmu dijabah sama Allah SWT. Aminnn
happy 16 years old dearest:)


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beauty - writing

3/11/2011 12:08:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

In this case we talk about ideas, moreover we are a blogger who should make a post and tried to writing. But have you ever imagined of how a write comes up with ideas write about?
Well i wanna to tell you about how and when i did start to writing.
I did my start to writing when i was in senior high school, 3rd grade. I tried to make a post in a blogspot. LOL. I started to write articles, and i wrote short stories before i finally decided to write in blogspot. Well, actually i've loved writing a diary since i was in junior high school. I think this habit has been like the best writing practice for me.
When i write, i feel like i live in my own world. Writing is my emotional outlet. There are times when words can't be spoken,but they can be written. Many inspires came to my brain to started writing. I can write anytime,anywhere. Whenever inspiration comes to me. I love to writing in the blogspot when rainy day or cloudy. I just love clouds and rain ! Moreover if i could put photos in every moment and every post that i share
how about you ? :)




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Yeah, finally done, my first creation. I just made somethin for my header. What do you think?



Pine tree

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this is my favorite photos.
I will always remember this moment,i want to go back there, get some fresh air, beautiful scenery, cool weather, friendly people, ahhh
Suddenly, I want to cry (lebai): p
in this photo when we want to return home after from  Tangkuban perahu. :) hemmmmm i miss this moment



Tangkuban Perahu Part 3

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My favorite thing when i got my vocation is take many pictures as much as possible. Many photos that i took when we were visited Tangkuban perahu. So that's why I make it into three or four parts: D



The top of

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Some pictures that i took with Nikon D5000 from the top of the tangkupan perahu mountain :)




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Finally DONE !
Here is my own creation
Make some cute picture base on my creativity :p
Not really cute enough :p yihaaaaaa
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my third twitter and you won't be regret it after follow me :p


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Welcome March - How do u feel?

3/02/2011 01:54:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

I'm so happy because god always give me breath and life until now.
Well march is Dinda's month, my little sister, Who Will celebrate her birthday on March 11
I am very happy with my life right now
together with family, friends, boyfriends etc.

and how are you all? How was ur day?
I hope your mood is always good and god always bless us :3