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Sushi time - Sushi So

4/20/2011 12:12:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

Just had lunch with my sister. We chose Sushi So as the place that engrosseded in having lunch the day. We chose three kinds of sushi and the tasted moderate was glad. And I tried liang tea. And i have a tips for you the sushi etiquette. 
  • First, don't Rubbed the chopsticks. However evidently, that was the insult for the shop sushi our place ate. If we rubbed like that, that showed the shop sushi that gave quality chopsticks bad to us
  • Wasabi and salty soy sauce not to be mixt. Don't  dunk the rice in the soy sauce 
  • Don't Dipped the rice part in soy sauce. because the tasted salty

Well. there are saveral tips from me. Wanna add some ? You may leave a comments :) 

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