Your Body Is a Wonderland and Mocca

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Guys, have you ever hear about Mocca will held concert in Jakarta ? I'm a big fans of Mocca, moreover their music are very pleasant, tuneful and jazzy, and also the lirics are also always making this hearts touched. But did you know that this concert was the last concert of Mocca?. And my big qustion is WHY ? I was very sad when i heard this news. Mocca will vacuum or disperse ? Why did the band as good as it should be disbanded? Difficult to get a band which has a good quality as Mocca. Especially nowdays many bands in Indonesia has "malayu" for their Genre. x( too sad. Well let's moving on and forget about Mocca, next about John mayer. I have been hearing this song almost 5 times, this song was amazing and very touched, moreover now heavy raining outside, can you imagine my felling ? With love :)

Your Body is a wonderland

Mocca -  Swing it bob !


Personal Life

Busy all day

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Hi guys, long time i didn't writing anything in this blog. Too busy because of my assigments, such as Rekayasa Pondasi, Analisa struktur and UAS. Now finally, all assigments and UAS finished! time for relaxation. Inhale Exhale. 
What can be more statatisfying than relaxing at home, browsing something, 
eating chocolate, hangingout with friends, swimming with my sisters, having dinner with family, watching favorite movies with boyfriendHem say hello to HOLIDAY, but oh no! no vacation in this semester. I have to obeying SP! Sp means Semester Pendek, and I'v to face KP, Kp means Kerja Peraktek insyallh in Lintas Timur.  Oh noooo! stop complaining! time for having fun, cheerss and good bye  semester 6 welcome semester 7 :)


Hanging Out,


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What cans be more satisfying than hanging out with friends? Took many pictures as much as possible then say "cheers" @dindadili @dimassubhakti @wandawnd and me @oktiaradwindaah



Hujan Bulan Juni

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Welcome June, many interested activity that i do in this month, such as my final examination, my assigments like duty steel, foundations, concrete, structure, maritime ports and many more. Well june is a raining month. What can be more satisfying than enjoy the rainy season,leafy, comfortable, quiet, cool, cold, happy and sleepy :) 
Rain usually represents cleansing and purification. It can also represent the release of tension that comes after a storm or a period of crying. Rain replenishes and brings fertility so it may also symbolise that you are opening to a new phase of personal growth in your life. Your dream says

‘Don’t worry for soon the grey clouds will be gone and light will shine in your life once more.’

Take a look at rain photography here