Hanging Out,


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Spent my afternoon with playing bowling with my beloved sister. I only dare to tried a ball which weighing 7 kg. Bowling sport very enjoyable and made my body felt sweat. Bowling is an anareobic type of physocal exercise, similar to walking with free weights but i would prefer with 7 Kg hehe. Bowling helps in burning calories and works not usually exercise muscle groups. To most it is a simple game in the which one throws a ball down alone. Attempting their best to knock down all 10 pins.

psttt, straight bowling :p ( 11 )


Fashion and Girls

Kebaya " Green Toscha"

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Guys did you know? I have been searching for "kebaya green toscha" and guess what ! i got it even the price bit expensive yeah *dissapointed*. Well even it's not 2011 trends. People follow trends set by world class fashion designer when it comes to fashion. We believe in those experts. Many of us follow their advice. What about color trends? Are there also experts in this field? Whether we realize it or not, colors affect our lives in so many ways. Certain colors can uplift our mood, change our perception about space ( white wall rooms seem to be more spacious), and can even influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.Moreover colors can heal you ! That's why i choose green toscha,so bright, fresh and so soft :). Well i went to Dian pelangi. Reading some magazine and i found this! The picture below. I'v never seen it before. I'm gonna make my kebaya green tosca into one of this models :). Which one i have to choose :p


Hanging Out

Happy Birthday My Sister

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Happy birthday for my beloved sister, my old sister " Seanny Pratiwi" Many birthday wishes that i wish it will come true. We know we are getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it. Wishing you happiness today and to remind you too, you make the world a nicer place just by being you, may the years continue to be good to you, may all your birthday dreams and wishes come true and turn to reality and may you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. Happy birthday :)
psstt, we had dinner together, and she treats us with her own money :p

i tried " nasi goreng serai' hot and sp aromantic



It is a cute hat, isn't it ?

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Yihaaa Spent my holiday with my little sister. We go out just to find a new fresh location, lunch in the new restaurant just like "Bebek Pasundan", and hanging out. Accidentally, in the middle of our trip, we found a funny hat, the shaped is round at the end of this hat. I don't know what kinds of hat it is. Maybe it is a hat special for those who wanna playing golf or just walking on the beach while listening to sound of the waves and wind, isn't it? hahaha. This hat made from yarn woll, and knitted. I really wanna buy this hat but i believed i could only buy it without thinking the function first. In bahasa we called it with "Napsu doang" Hehehe. As usual, everytime i saw a cute dresses ( taken from the example ) i could only buy and after that, i never wear that dresses,uh. So, the lesson for today is "Buy what you need not what you want". What do you think guys? Good night :)


Fashion and Girls

Dress Code Magz and Looks Magz

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Take a look at the magazines below, i love both of this magazine, the ways they mix and match the clothes, jackets, shorts, cardigans, dresses and shoes. You can found this magazine at Gramedia. To be frank the first time when i saw this magazine was very speechless, i love this magazine so much moreover they were different, the ways they choose clothes and dresses. The contents of this magazine is also different from others magazine. The contents are very simple and unique. You must read and buy this magazine. You won't regret it :) 


Personal Life,

Welcome July

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Hup Hup Horeii Welcome July, Alhmdulillah UAS ( Ujian Akhir Semester ) finished, now its time to waiting for the result, and alhamdulilah ( emberrassed ) From 24 Credits is 13 credits that arise, and Alhamdulialh ( emberrassed ) i got a good score i got A for 7 credits and i got B for 6 credits. Good news :) But i'v to waiting for 11 credits left. Well all of my firends having holiday while i'm not, huu. Just stay at home, swimming with my sisters, shopping, crambath, dinner, karaoke with friends and family. Yippiiee my mini holiday began ! hehe :p. Well guys sunddenly someone makes my mood drop, because in early morning when i woke up, i recived a message from someone. I hate te ways he angry, the way he wrote the message, it was so hurted and i'm really dissaponted having a ** like him ! What should i do God? Should i find someone new? ! i'm give up with all problems which come from him ! i'v been looking forward for a long time , uh x(. I need someone who care with me, really love me and the most important is he was not rude ! I hate the rude man !