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When D'cost VS Pecel Lela

8/16/2011 10:13:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 5 Comments

Just had small conversation between me, Jefry and Anggi ( Anggi from Jakarta ). Well in that afternoon we told about there are so many restaurants franchise present in Indonesia especially Palembang nowadays. After that we went to pecel lele lela and honestly i'm very surprised when i read its menu. The question is why? Did you curious ? hehe. Because when i read the menu, there were some words which really make me interested. " For those named LELA freely to meal FOR LIFE " Oh gosh !!! Are you kidding me ? They are not afraid to losses? hahha, then my friend Jefri said " Have you ever been visited D'cost" Then i answered " Yes, D'cost and Pecel Lela a bit mad and very dare to be different !" Did you know guys, the price kinda crazy ! Very cheap, the price of rice start from 1 k Unlimited. And ice tea start from 2,5K unlimited. Hahahahah but unfortunately there is no D'cost in Palembang :( . But anyway i spent my fasting break with my Best, my super cute friends ever.. It was nice to meeting you guys, really miss you. Good night :)

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5 komentar:

  1. well, come here and i'll take you to D'cost ;p

  2. are you kidding? horee hahahaha emg km tingal dmn?

  3. haha ofcourse not! ;)
    tinggal di jakarta baraatt, kira2 10 menitan deh kl ke D'cost =D

  4. wah asikk hehehe kamu sekola apa kulia ?

  5. baru selesai kuliahhh hehe ;)