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My cousin's wedding ceremony

7/08/2012 12:43:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 1 Comments

We celebrated my cousin's wedding ceremony at her house. So excited to be a part of her wedding. It started from the begining till her wedding day. There were so many my families here, this is what i loved. Togerthernees, gather with family, met my little brother Andika and Robby ( to be frank,  i wish that i have a lil brother, so that's why eveytime i met them i always wanna hug and hold them ). Actually this is not my first experience to see the wedding cermeony, so touched and wanted to cry when i saw my cousin got married finally and I remembered the past when I was a kid, playing with her, mandi hujan, played pelosotan, drove the her school, and finally she got married. I was quietly crying when I saw her got married. Weird, why always him who became my imagination? Yes, everytime i saw wedding ceremony? But yeahh let's forget it. Things that suddenly appear, how can I be? With whom I later? Does god listen to everything I asked? Hopefully, because of the rib cage and the owner will never swapped and will meet in a right time with the right person. Semoga . . .

 My lil brother Robby and Andika 

With my nephew, cousin and lil sister

 With the cutest woman, my mom

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