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The Wedding !

7/08/2012 03:00:00 PM Oktiara dwindah 0 Comments

And Finally the day is coming! Happy wedding my lovely cousin Kak Sandra and Kak Ridho !
  • May the coming years, fill your lives with love and happiness.
  • May you have a long and loving life together.
  • Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness.
  • Wishing you many years of joy and happiness.
  • Wishing you a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime.
  • For the Bride and Groom Wishing you love in your hearts, joy in your home.
  • Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.
  • May your marriage be blessed with faith, joy, and love.
  • Congratulations and best wishes. :) 
What i learnt from this wedding are God will give someone the best for you, what you need not what you want. God would never wrong, he would give you the best mate in the right time.

 Sing a Song yooww :p

 With my beautiful sister Dinda, Sabita and Kinan

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